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the memory of water

Inspired by true events, The Memory of Water asks how a people victimized by war can mend their social fabric, regain their dignity, and safeguard their identity in the face of local and foreign interventions..

Novel synopsis

Ten years after a massacre devastated Dos Aguas, a small town in the heart of the Colombian war zone, the community once again finds itself in the crosshairs of powerful interests. Marilena, haunted by the murder of her sister, becomes a devoted follower of the shadowy Pastor Dámaso and his vision of lifting the community out of poverty by abandoning traditional agriculture for more precarious fish farming. David, an idealistic US volunteer, arrives to help realize this vision but unwittingly does more harm than good. Opposing this change are Chucho, the veteran leader of the Campesino Association, an organization considered extremist by many, and Bea, known by the pastor’s followers as “The Witch.” They believe the town must instead sue ZenuPalma, the palm oil company that stole their land, in order to regain the ability to farm sustainably. Since it is an open secret that ZenuPalma ordered the massacre in Dos Aguas, even supporters of this proposal fear it may provoke new violence. With the church, big agrobusiness, politicians, and NGOs all pulling the community in different directions, the people of Dos Aguas must overcome their fears and unite, deciding what place the past has in their present and what vision of progress should determine their future.

Expected date of completion:
June 2024

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